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How We Work With You


A presumptive topic, I know, but it’s really pretty simple – you can access advice and assistance from my team and me.  Having worked for over 30 years in this industry, for many category leaders and with every major retailer in the U.S. and Canada, I know I can save you a lot of time and a lot of money.


But maybe you have a Brand that’s been out there a while –and you really want to reach some new goals – yes, take it to the “next level” –but you’re not sure how to get there or perhaps you don’t have the time or the funding.  I can help bring a new view to the table and give you a ‘turbo-boost’ toward that next objective.


What I bring to my clients:


Experience:  All of the growing pains you are going through, I’ve been through.  And not just with my own agencies, but through sharing the collective experience of my other clients –names you know and brands you trust.  I can help you ‘shortcut’ many of the processes and keep you from making costly mistakes.


Focus:  It’s easy to get lost in the day to day of running or starting a business –hundreds of distractions –fires to be put out.  NexxtLevel and I will help keep you on track –prioritized and making progress toward your goals.  And my knowledge and experience are all directed at your company, your product, service or Brand.


Neutrality:  I only have one agenda –grow your business.  No products to sell or a franchise you have to buy into. And I won’t provide less-than-objective advice –in fact, sometimes I’ll even provide conflicting paths because I know there is not just one that can be followed – but you’ll make the decision on which one to follow, not me.


Speed:  NexxtLevel is a resource – arms, legs, and brains –that are concentrating on growing your business.  You have to deal with PR, slow suppliers, personnel, etc.  That’s running a business – while I’m concentrating on the objectives –so things tend to happen a lot quicker.  With a combination of experience and focus, I can help get you the ‘Nexxt’ level faster than you can get there on your own – and really, isn’t that what’s it's about?



In fact, using a consultant –who can actually help you in your efforts, can be one of the most beneficial relationships your business can have.  And if you think you can’t afford to work with top industry professionals, check out  ‘Consulting Redefined’.


Let's get started!

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