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The 360º Payout   

In the bad old days of Capitalism, business was often viewed as the enemy of the people – and there was some justification for this view.  However, in these more enlightened times, it has been proven that ‘business’ can be a force for good.

Today, many small  (and a few large) businesses have chosen to retain a ‘for profit’ structure, but to dedicate a portion of their profits to social issues as part of their corporate charters. Additionally, they also have ethical guidelines about doing business and their role in their communities.  These are ‘social purpose’ businesses and many of them are also legally constituted as “B Corps”.  Other companies go so far a to be ‘mission-based’ – tying their whole function to a cause or objective to do ‘good’.


NexxtLevel believes these businesses can help change the way we ‘do business’ and therefore, we wanted to relate our approach to this from a primarily service-based reference point. We call this the 360º Payout – and it’s based on a circular check-list.  Simply, is the work we are doing and the way we are doing it:


√1 – Beneficial to our Clients?   


√2 – Beneficial to our Vendors & Suppliers?


√3 – Beneficial to the Community & Environment?


√4 – Beneficial to our Stakeholders, Partners & Employees?


If the answer is yes, then we’ve met our ‘360º Payout’!  If that sounds like the kind of business you run, then if you are need of the types of services we provide, please reach out to us.

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