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About Us

NexxtLevel is a consulting firm working on a national basis with headquarters in Boise, Idaho.  Its founder is G. Steven Cleere and the company specializes in Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail Marketing.  In addition, NexxtLevel provides marketing communications, consumer promotions and funding search support.


As Co-founder and Managing Partner (Emeritus) of the TMI Group (TradeMarketing Inc.), Steve has worked in the advertising and marketing agency industry for over 30 years.  While enjoying a successful career as an agency owner, he began working with small businesses, as a volunteer, at the agency Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Rafael, Calif. in their Food Business Incubator.


Working closely with smaller brands and start-ups, he quickly identified that many of these firms needed expert counsel and guidance to really grow their businesses to that ‘next level’ – and so a business was born.


Steve’s unique background creates an ability to bring the collective experience of hundreds of successful CPG Brands to focus on your business.  You can learn entire strategies from these case histories and also avoid many of the mistakes they made.


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