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Biz Chat 

Never let it be said that we don’t know how to promote – from PR to coupons to webinars – we’re all about getting the word out there. 


Sometimes, however, you have to have a better idea of what it is you want – from a consultant, an agency – in fact, any supplier.  This is where BizChat comes in.


BizChat is simply a get-to-know-you conversation where we ‘chat’ - about your business, your challenges.  What you’re doing now and the what-ifs of what you might want to do.


We can trade some information, I’ll take a look at your website and any other material you’d like to share, just book a time – and you’ll have a concentrated, focused conversation about your issues and how I or others in a similar position would approach them.


It will also give you an idea of how I approach building a business and a brand – it will give you solid, actionable ideas of how you can manage that growth and get your business to the NexxtLevel!


It’s really easy, painless, valuable and, of course, under no obligation.  Click here to find a time on my calendar.  


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