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Now this is where it gets 'fun'!


You've been in business for at least two years and you have momentum.  If you have a product line, you have several SKU's --you have distribution and things are humming along.  Maybe you're even looking for some equity funding to make that next step.


For Entrepreneurs, this is what they live for -- seeing the idea as an actual business with a solid foundation in customers and cash flow.  But it's also a challenging period.  You want to do more than you have the time or the money for.  You could grow faster but -- you come in the office in the morning, ready to address new growth and...  You send the day fighting fires and reacting!  Welcome to 'Growth'.


Now is the time to plot your Distribution Plan – where are the best places to sell your products and how are you going to get them there?  Hiring distributors, brokers, sales reps –this is where the action is!


One way to make sure your growth continues is chart a path for that growth --what we call 'Modeling' at NexxtLevel.  It's like forecasting, but a little more 3D --taking into account aspects other than pure finance.  The key to keep an eye on your strategic planning while executing flawless tactics.  To insure your progress, it's a great time to work with an experienced team -- folks who've been there --and have the Tee Shirt!


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


NexxtLevel can help you accelerate your growth and bring the good aspects of Big Brand and Big Company process to your business. We can assist you in finding growth funding, new distribution or customer types, more realistic forecasting and increased focus on Marketing and Brand positioning.  


We can also provide Senior-level assistance in the form of part-time, interim work in executive positions within your brand or company.  Do you need a VP of Sales, but can't afford a full time pro?  Let's talk about your needs and the opportunity!  

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